Nigerian celebrities who dated older women

8 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Dated Elderly Women (Photos)


It is not uncommon for people of all ages to date and has relationships with partners who are older or younger than themselves. Age difference in relationships can be a non-issue as long as both parties are happy and healthy in their relationship.

It is important to remember that everyone has the right to make their own choices about who they want to be in a relationship with.

Let’s see a few Nigerian celebrities who dated older women;

1. Darey Art Alade

Deola Ayeni and Darey Art Alade have been happily married for over ten years and have been blessed with children. The singer’s wife, Deola, is actually EIGHT years older than Darey, which many people are unaware of.

Nigerian celebrities who dated older women

However, when questioned about it in an interview, the singer responded that he is very content with the age gap and with his marriage to his wife.

2. Praise Nelson

Praise Nelson, a Big Brother Naija contestant, made headlines when it was revealed that his wife is considerably older than he is. After leaving the house, Praise, a 28-year-old housemate, revealed that his wife is 42 years old instead of 60 as claimed by fellow housemate Brighto during the show. The couple’s ages differ by FOURTEEN years.

Nigerian celebrities who dated older women

He asserts that they are completely content with one another.

3. Joseph Ameh

In 2012, popular Nigerian dancer Kaffy and Nigerian drummer Joseph Ameh got married, and their union has produced children. The truth is that Kaffy is actually 8 years older than Joseph, which many people are unaware of.

Nigerian celebrities who dated older women

Of course, this hasn’t interfered with or negatively impacted their relationship, and the two are still growing closer.

4. Soul E

Soul E, a Nigerian singer better known by his stage name Soul E Baba, was once married to Queen Ure, who was eleven years older than Soul E. When questioned about the age difference, they concurred that it was unimportant because “love conquers all.”

Nigerian celebrities who dated older women

5. Trigga Kess

Trigga Kess, also known as Lord Trigg to some, is a young Nigerian singer who is also well-known for dating Toyin Lawani, a successful businesswoman in her own right. Lord Trigg and Toyin Lawani began dating when Lord Trigg was 22 and Toyin Lawani was 32.

Nigerian celebrities who dated older women

Ten years separate them from one another. The two responded that they didn’t mind because they were both smitten with one another when questioned about it.

6. Silver Ojieson

Actress Ann Njemanze famously wed Nigerian actor and teacher Silver Ojieson following her divorce from Segun Arinze. Ann later admitted to journalists that she is, in fact, FIVE years older than her new husband Silver Ojieson, but that their age difference is unimportant because they are deeply in love.

Nigerian celebrities who dated older women

7. Wizkid

One man who seems to prefer older women is the Nigerian singer Wizkid. He dated Jada Pollock, his former manager, who is SEVEN years older than he is, and they had a child together. He has also been romantically linked to TEN YEARS his senior and fellow Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage.

Nigerian celebrities who dated older women

Additionally, he has frequently been caught hanging out and flirting with older women. It is well known that Wizkid enjoys dating older women.

8. Peter Okoye

Lola Omotayo, who is reputed to be six years Peter’s senior, is the wife of Peter Okoye. On November 18, 1981, Peter and his twin brother Paul were born.

Nigerian celebrities who dated older women

Lola addressed their age difference in a previous interview, saying, “Like I said, Peter is an old soul and he always tells me that I’m like a 23-year-old. It’s only a number, age. You can observe it right now all over the world. Usher, Demi Moore, and other well-known figures.

They are dating people who are much older than they are, even in Nigeria. As a result, we shouldn’t base our decision on age. He doesn’t give me the impression that he is younger than I am.

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