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Astonishing Millionaires Lifestyle In California (Video)


Astonishing Millionaires Lifestyle In California (Video)


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California is basically home to the richest of the rich. If you are a millionaire in California, you can expect to live a comfortable lifestyle but not an extravagant one since the state has the most expensive cost of living the most. Here’s what you’ll do with the seven figures’ salary.


Where to have a mansion? Well, the first thing to do when you arrive in California is a place to live. Now, obviously, it’s a millionaire. You’re not just gonna live in a random hotel, so what could be better than getting a luxury mansion.


May might be wondering where to buy a mansion? But the best place has to be Montecito Santa Barbara. Montecito has lots of private states, but still keep that community vibe going on. So whoever likes their privacy and want to do their own thing can do that. And those that don’t can hang on with other millionaires just like them.


Montecito is actually located in the Eastern part of the Centenas mountain with most most of the mountains near the ocean. This means you’ll be enjoying the nice ocean breeze along with the ocean breeze. On top of all these, grey whales also migrate to the ocean around March and April. This depicts how unique and special this place is. But that’s not all, other than grey whales, you’ll see other different kinds of seabirds and dolphins pretty regularly.


So even if you’re not gonna do anything but look out through the window from your million dollar mansion, you’ll still see lots of exciting stuffs. Something that makes Montecito more exciting is that the area is said to be the home of celebrities. Some of its most famous celebrity residents include: Oprah winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt, and even Angelina Jolie.


So not only you’ll be living super comfortably, you might even have celebrities as your next-door neighbours.


Luxury Cars.


After getting your mansion in Montecito, the next thing you need to do is to buy a car. But buying cars can be a bit difficult thing at first as there are so many cars to choose from. However, one of the best ones you can get is the Rolls Royce. As a millionaire, you can go all out without a care in the world for the money.


So what better car can you get than the Rolls Royce?


A Rolls Royce is considered one of the most luxurious cars on the market. But whats great about them is that they’re mainly handmade so you can customise the car however you want. Plus, this way you can have an exclusive car that no one has.


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