Backlash after Cristiano Ronaldo contradicts himself on Piers Morgan’s show


Cristiano Ronaldo is being ruthlessly roasted on social media after signing a €200 million contract with Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr for the next two years.

Nobody thought the Portuguese star would actually join the Saudi club, despite the widespread rumours linking him to it. By signing the contract, he would be contradicting his former self.

Ronaldo assured Piers Morgan during that infamous interview just a weeks ago that he didn’t care about money. He stated that he wished to continue his career at the highest level while also representing his country.

These statements, in turn, echo a 2015 line from the Jonathan Ross show: “In my mind, I want to finish at the top level. I want to finish with dignity, a good club,” Ronaldo said at the time.

None of those statements stood the test of time, and Cristiano donned the Al-Nassr jersey after receiving the largest paycheck in football history. Congratulations to him; he deserves all the money in the world.

Regardless of his decision, Ronaldo will be remembered as one of the greatest football players of all time. In addition, he has the potential to increase his official goal total in a league that does not put too much pressure on him.

During the last World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo had one of his last chances to finish his career ahead of Leo Messi. He began the tournament hoping to lead Portugal to the final, but the road became too difficult for him to walk.

As he was benched by manager Fernando Santos, a slew of new challenges arose. A major setback was extremely demoralising for him. Furthermore, his difficult personal year did not help. Everything was probably too much for Ronaldo to bear, so he decided to look after himself.

Cristiano gets a pass on this because of his difficult year; there is still time for him to regroup in Saudi Arabia and regain his groove.

Despite contradicting himself on this one, there is always hope that Ronaldo will return to the UEFA Champions League and score at least one more goal.

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