BBNaija star Venita Akpofure goes unclad for her 36 birthday (Video)


BBNaija star Venita Akpofure goes unclad for her 36 birthday (Video)



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Venita Akpofure has shared nude photos to mark turning 36.

“36th floor,” the mother-of-two captioned the photos.

See below.

Her post has gained much comments, some of them are below:

Anonymous: Women of less value. Cheers to your nudity. Show the pussy lets see.

Fear God: Brothers this is spirit of seduction manifested. Please close your heart against it. May th lord have mercy on this soul.

Anonymous: Get your minds off immoral thoughts and you’ll appreciate the naked beauty of Gods handiwork. Ha ba! Our forefathers were unclothed and no rapes. Some tribes still do not clothe themselves and no rape pandemic. Think pure thoughts.

Anonymous: And what then will you do to the photograph of the pussy, eat it? Duh!!!

Unknown: Nice one! I want more of this in 2023!!

The Lone Ranger: I am so ashamed of her.Girls who have nothing else to offer,this is what they do..Just like Ifu..Useless things

Elias Ukorobo: On this blog, I noticed that whenever a female celebrity releases sexually provocative photos women complain simply because they’re jealous they don’t look as good as her naked; not because they’re morally good women who are all for decent dressing. And, I surmise that most of the sanctimonious women are narcissists because they lash out like their egos have been bruised. One day, the comments were so toxic that I was gaslight for a few seconds: several women said she had no ass so I had to scroll back up to verify if I didn’t see her ass properly initially. Take this Venita’s first picture, for instance. Most women that are around 36 would be intimidated by the fact that her breasts are still standing gidigba after nursing three children, yet theirs are saggy even though they haven’t even nursed a kid. Let’s take Chioma Okeke that’s saying “tufiakwa”, for example. She went out of her way to show us her face (with makeup) because she knows she’s pretty, but she didn’t show us her body because she’s overweight and doesn’t possess the knowledge or willpower it takes to loose it. If most of the women that are castigating them are in good shape they’d do the same thing, joor.

Anonymous: Elias U, be there deceiving urself. So for ur mind, ALL the women and men castigating nudity lack good looks? Are the ppl they are castigating even perfect? Have u seen them without make up and editing? Abi, u’re that gullible? Even on this blog women who are a hundred times more beautiful and are fully clothed are sometimes featured; and when they are, their beauty is acknowledged. So don’t look for an excuse to console urself. When ppl criticize pictures like that one up there, they mean exactly what they’re saying and they have good reason to thrash them. Rest that matter.




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