BBTitans, I promise you that I will not have an open relationship with you. Please notify me if you are unavailable. To Khosi, Yemi (Video)


Big Brother Titans housemates Yemi and Khosi were involved in a heated argument where the former made the latter to choose between staying with him or ending their relationship.


After the Saturday night party, couple Yemi and Khosi were in the garden together and engaged in an argument regarding Yemi’s actions towards other ladies at the party. However the argument heated up as Yemi made clear his intentions known to Khosi while stating that he doesn’t want an open relationship. He further gave her an ultimatum to either stay or leave. Yemi wasn’t ready to hear any explanation from Khosi as he kept on and on thus;

“I told you what I want to do with you, if you are going to tell me you are out, just tell me you are out. Do whatever you want to do, I’ll be fine. I told you I am not going to do an open relationship with you”.


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