“Best Dad Ever”: Loving Father Beautifully Braids Daughter’s Hair, Video Goes Viral


  • A loving father took up the responsibility of plaiting his daughter’s hair and he did it nicely as seen in a trending video
  • The interesting father-daughter hair-making session was captured in a video posted on TikTok by Fofana Sandia
  • After the dad was done plaiting his daughter’s hair, his video got 641.3k views, 23.1k likes, 618 comments and 1680 shares

    A loving dad has been praised on TikTok after a video showed him patiently plaiting his daughter’s hair.

    The dotting dad obviously was having a good father-daughter moment with his child when they turned it into a hair-making session.

    Photos of a dad plaiting his daughter's hair.The dotting dad patiently plaits his daughter’s hair as she sat calmly. Photo credit: TikTok/@fofanasandia.Source: UGC

    The dad bent down like a woman and carefully grabbed each thuft of hair and plaited with love in the video posted by Fofana Sandia.

    Video of a dad plaiting his daughter’s hair attracts over 641.3k views

    The kid did not cry in the video as she merely sat in her toy care while her dad gave her a hair makeover.

    The baby’s calm nature during the hair-making session surprised many people who expected her to cry.

    Some TikTok users have however argued that the dad did not make the hair, and that someone else did.

    Watch the video below:

    Reactions from TikTok users

    @Bridget paul said:

    “HeIt’s is not the one making the hair. If am lieing look at the way he holding the hair.”

    @CindyzHarold commented:

    “The way he’s struggling to do that one shows he’s not the one doing the baby’s hair.”

    @LucianaMumo001 said:

    “His 1 tie is soo different from the rest…. it’s impressive but he didn’t make the rest of her hair.”

    @Tina baibe said:

    “Good dad at least he tried other than others who just look anganzi.”

    @user1615834232496 reacted:

    “A good responsible daddy. Keep it on.”

    @Fadiez commented:

    “Best dad.”

    @user7667870683590 said:

    “Wow! It’s so so


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