Bitcoin News Today: Clayton Former SEC Chair Joins Fight For Approval After Rejecting Bitcoin ETFs


Bitcoin News Today: Clayton Former SEC Chair Joins Fight For Approval After Rejecting Bitcoin ETFs

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During Jay Clayton’s tenure, his commission failed to act upon some sectors and investments; he is currently working upon them to get it fixed, SEC Chair Gary Gensler announced.


Every boxes on well known investing trends are checked by the proposed exchange traded fund. Several proposals got rejected during Clayton’s tenure also latest in a long string of offerings selling eachother on their environmental bonafides under the ESG designation, That serves as current attempt to secure an approval for an elusive Bitcoin ETF


Registration statement for One River Carbon Neutral Bitcoin Trust was currently submitted in the area Clayton play acts on the board which is the One River Asset Management.


Constant trials to secure approval for a Bitcoin ETF proved abortive in the time of his tenure as chairman. The commission collapsed upon the protestations of activists frequently on the financial services industry.


The inactions of the commission concerning ESG disclosure regulations helped the sector grow weaker added to the proposal to restrict ESG consideration in retirement accounts.


According to Adam Pritchard, a professor at the University of Michigan Law school “He’s no longer a government official, he needs to earn a living to pay for his fancy Manhattan apartment and you’re not going to get paid for being neutral on these topics,” Adam Pritchard, a professor at the University of Michigan Law school says. “People are hiring you to be an advocate or endorse what it is they’re doing or lend credibility. So if you’re monetizing your reputation, you’re going to have to pick a side.”


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This is no doubt cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin lovers will be delighted to be on the side of the former SEC chair.


Chair J. Christopher Giancarlo former Commodity Futures Trading Commission took over Clayton left making regulations around the classification of digital assets and dive into writing a brief on behalf of Ripple. Their primus founded the cryptocurrency which was known then as ripples and later named XRP.


The world’s fourth largest coin is Ripple and the largest holder of XRP.


Ben Lawsky first Superintendent of Financial Services New York State’s, made a maneuver from making rules around crypto licensing to advising Bitcoin funds


After former President Donald Trump lost to the election in December Clayton resigned from the commission, he is suspected to have resigned due to change in administration. During his tenure, there was Regulation Best Interest. This was his main action and aim and his Regime was calm.


Before his rule, there was necessity initiated by the vacation of the far more prescriptive Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule.


Result to the deregulatory agenda trickling down from the White House, the commission was much more inactive in rulemaking, it’s vibrant agencies and the the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau had the feeling also.


Since his resignation, Clayton became active. He made effort by joining private equity shop Apollo Global Management APO -1.2%, involvement in various involvement in various investments which he didn’t consider to implement during his rule and also joining the board of One River Asset Management.


The public easily get angry to issues relating to the actions of former public officials, being distributed of the writers of the regulations having more knowledge of their flaws thereby unfair market advantage is created.


The oft-maligned revolving door is expected by Pritchard to be majority, suspecting specifically Senator Elizabeth Warren who is the founder of CFPB to be part of the act.


Clayton has not only been into the Cryptocurrency field since he stepped down.


The price of Hertz was increased by investors in the time Reddit and Robinhood were taken unawares associating with Gamestop GME -0.3% and AMC.


Clayton’s commission put a stop to capitalization on the groundswell of stock purchases by giving more shares when the rental car company had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


Pritchard has the the Hertz move as being aggressive and has it also that Clayton’s tenure at the commission had low profile.


Bankruptcy court confirmed Hertz was offered $4 billion by Apollo Capital Management affiliate Athene USA on November. This company is where Clayton currently work as the board of directors.


There is need for the SEC chairmans to look for more income after their reign because their salary of under $200,000 is not enough for them, Pritchard said.

He is concerned about the poor salary and how it could be increased.


Apollo Capital Management and Jay Clayton kept mute about the story. One River Asset Management on its side don’t care about any comment.

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