Black thick lady flaunts her beauty online, Netizens admire her (Video)


Black thick lady flaunts her beauty online, Netizens admire her (Video)



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A beautiful lady in her early 30s who is open-minded and free with her environment and society decided to flaunt her chubby body for people to explore.


Her natural endowments are not hidden, and she’s not shy to showcase them either. Speculations tend to present this black lady as a classy personality who likes to live the life of luxury.


The natural physique of the lady is analysed to be massive as her belly is kind of fatty, and her backside is so heavy. She seems to weigh tons of kilo.


The lady can be seen in the video approaching the camera in her singlet, which reveals her saggy black b. 00. Bs. The heaviness of her backside and buggy hips can not allow her to walk briskly.


She kept on walking past the camera as her phat backside was captured, and it kept bouncing in slow motion. She had to make several adjustments on her skirts while walking to prevent it from sliding up to reveal her inner wear.


When everyone was kept in suspense about what would happen to the skirt whether if it would slide up as she walked fast or not, the lady eventually eased the suspense as she pulled it up when she got to the bathroom.


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