Chubby lady in painted body shows off her wiggling skills (Video)


Chubby lady in painted body shows off her wiggling skills (Video)



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A very attractive lady in an artistic manner displays her twe.rking skills. She had to put up work of art by designing her bu..tts before starting up the twerk session. She is a lover of arts and into modelling, too.


Her bare butt0cks were designed by an artist who is in her team, too. She does her twerking sessions to entertain her fans and followers. The lady has actually gained attention over the years through her artistic and brilliant display. She is a fan of luxury and good things.


Her belief is practising to become who you want to be because no one was born perfect. She also believes in going for what you want because time is too short on earth.


In the video, the lady backs the camera with her painted big b.u.tts. she started wiggling to the beat, playing in the background. At certain points, she flings her long braided hair to different directions like a real pro. She is no doubt to be a real model and a professional in her act. That’s why she’s loved and respected by her true fans.


Watch the painted b.u.t.t.s display:


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