Chubby lady wows many with her butterfly costume (Video)


Chubby lady wows many with her butterfly costume (Video)



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A pretty chocolate lady has wowed so many with her funny display. Her ability to swing her body in a different position and manner is a commendable one. She displays her fitness and agility in a totally different style. She has been the word in so many people’s mouths due to the costume she put up and the way she whines her waist in this video.


This unidentified lady has been seen in the video backing the camera. She started dancing as the song came up in the background. She had a butterfly costume on her. Her costumes and bady glitters like the diamonds, even her panties and bra. She started to wiggle her waist so hard while facing a hand rail.


Her body is so curvy, and the video is so lit. She is indeed a queen. This video has generated lots of views and comments due to the wonderful display she put up and how lit the video and camera resolution was. Her fans expressed their satisfaction and happiness through her comment section.


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