Ex-Biz Manager is interested to know where Kanye West is hiding 


Ex-Biz Manager is interested to know where Kanye West is hiding 



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The biz manager, Thomas St. John, is suing Ye for $4.5 mil and is frustrated because he can’t serve him with the necessary legal docs, this according to the US Sun.


The suit, over unpaid fees, can’t move forward until Kanye gets served, either directly or through other means. St. John says he can’t find a legit address on Ye.


Kanye West Living Like a Transient, Blowing Through Money

TMZ broke the story, Kanye’s been leading a nomadic life for months, traveling here and there and not really having a home base.


As for St. John and Kanye, that relationship blew up last January, according to St. John, when Ye screamed at him in aggressive fashion and pulled the plug on their relationship.


Kanye’s been shunned after a slew of antisemitic remarks, and Kim is trying to navigate the mess for the sake of their 4 children. She tearfully talked about those struggles on Angie Martinez’s podcast.


Kanye West’s ex-business manager Thomas St. John has reportedly told the court that the rapper is unreachable amid the ongoing $4.5M contract lawsuit.


Recently a tweet went viral that read: “Kanye West has reportedly been missing and unable to find for weeks according to his ex-business manager.”


Following the viral post, The Sun reported that the court documents, filed by Thomas, sought an extension in time to serve the Donda rapper.


The Sun quoted the court filing: “We were advised about a new law firm for defendants, but not a specific point of contact. We subsequently learned of information in the news that the law firm identified as new counsel was not affiliated with the defendants.


“Accordingly, we have not been able to serve defendants through their counsel. As a general matter, we have had difficulty confirming the best current address of Kanye West.”


The filing continued: “For Mr. West, despite our diligent efforts, we were unable to ascertain his current residential address, and therefore, have not yet made attempts to serve him personally. Instead, we have attempted to service him by mail at multiple possible addresses.”


Thomas and his team added: “We will continue to make diligent and reasonable attempts to serve defendants,” as well as hire “appropriate agencies” to help them locate him.


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