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“From the ashes we rise,” says Alex Ekubo of his social media feud with ex-fiancee Fancy Acholonu.


Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo has broken his silence on the aftermath of his social media drama with ex-fiancee, Fancy Acholonu.

Kemi Filani reported on Monday that the light-skinned actor had marked his return to social media after his messy relationship drama.

The actor had described the saga as ashes, which he would rise up from. He made this known as he reacted to a fans comment on his page.

While sending New Year greetings to his millions of fans, a fan had described the year as The Year of Phoenix.

Agreeing with him, Alex Ekubo stated that he is rising from the Ashes.

“From the Ashes we Rise”, he wrote.

Alex Ekubo makes first return to Instagram

Kemi Filani reported that Alex Ekubo had made his first return to Instagram after messy social media drama with his ex, Fancy Acholonu.

The actor had been off all social media platforms after his ex-fiancee mercilessly dragged him for manipulating her. Kemi Filani reported that the last time the actor posted on his Instagram page was on December 30, 2022.

Taking to Instagram to make his first post for the year, Alex wished his fans a happy new year. The role interpreter revealed that he wouldn’t be sticking to his yearly ritual by giving his fans pep talk this year.

To comfort them, he created an hashtag where they can read his previous pep talks.

Alex Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu’s social media drama

The whole drama started after Alex Ekubo failed to romantically acknowledged Fancy’s public apology to him.

Recall that Fancy Acholonu, had made a public apology to the actor earlier this year after she embarrassed him in 2021 by calling off their wedding on social media and asking him to “live his truth” which had many insinuating that he is gay.

Interestingly, days after she made the public apology, she claimed that Alex forced her to put the apology post to save his face. She was upset that he didn’t live up to his end of the bargain after tendering the apology.

Hell-bent on exposing him, Fancy Acholonu further revealed that in their 5 years of relationship, he never touched her.

It got messier when an audio recording of Alex and his Fancy in a heated conversation surfaced online.

In the audio recording, Alex Ekubo clearly told his estranged fiance that he wouldn’t be posting anything on his page, in reference to her apology. However, he would acknowledge her post and leave a comment under it. Read more here.

Alex Ekubo on rising from the ashes

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