Home Gossip “From $£xy to $£x from $£x to ex” – lady talks about...

“From $£xy to $£x from $£x to ex” – lady talks about how Yah00 boys manipulate girls using them till they become useless


“From $£xy to $£x from $£x to ex” – lady talks about how Yah00 boys manipulate girls using them till they become useless


"From $£xy to $£x from $£x to ex" - lady talks about how Yah00 boys manipulate girls using them till they become useless



From sêxy to sëx from sëx to ex. 😥 Seriously, when will some girls receive sense? Ask some girls how many ex they have, they can’t even count. Handwork u don’t have, book you don’t know, dëvil is using your brain to play game😂, your result in school is 1.9 with lots of carry overs..


All you do is buy new shirt, snap with it and upload – fix new hair, snap with it and upload. The clothes you put on doesn’t even cover your body so well – showing your ãss and bōobs all because of likes.


Hope you know Facebook will never allow you withdraw your likes into your bank account.


Dating many guys does not make you a big girl and it doesn’t mean they will eventually marry you. They don’t even tell you why they are pushing on with you, because they know so well that someone like you can’t be in their future, that’s why all they do is to take you to shopping, clubbing and so on.


He’s always hornëy, makes you look so sexy so he takes advantage of you and runaway to the woman he thinks she worth it. Money is good, but a genuine relationship isn’t built on the bedrock of money. See some slay queens today are 6 feet under ground because of material things


Yahōo guys show them pepper eyaaah 😭. Nobody will put the heaven and earth you have in your grave .

#NOTE: “All that glitters is not gold ” wetin dem dey collect for your body big pass wetin dem dey give you.

Receive sense, expensive hair doesn’t bring about good brain in the head . Be wise 🙌🏾 get sense …

I come in peace!!, She concluded.


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