“Having Me In Your Life Is A Negotiation” – Actress Ujuwa Mandy


Popular Nollywood actress Ujuwa Mandy has boasted about herself as a flex whether she is in a relationship or friendship with someone. She disclosed this on Instagram through her caption as she insists that she is such a dope person to be around.

This statement was accompanied by her new looks, in which she showed off her new hairstyle, which is quite different from what we saw from her the last time we saw her

Sometimes when you are not close to someone, it is difficult to know the type of person they are, but with the words they utter, you can get to know more about them. That is exactly what the actress has done here by using her caption to describe the type of person she is and also reveal what her potential suitors should expect from her.

She wrote a caption to describe herself. She said, “Having me in your life is a flex, as a friend, as a partner, as a lover.” In any capacity, I am a really dope as a person. She also seized the opportunity to show off her new looks, where she came up with a new hairstyle that is different from her previous hairstyle. She looks good in her neatly done make-up and her black open-chest outfit looks stunning as well.

Her aim of writing the caption is to let people know the kind of character she is in a relationship, while she also accompanied her caption with a stunning photo where she decided to show off her new looks.

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