Nigerian woman says

“I can’t marry a second-rate d!*k,” a Nigerian woman says, advising men to keep their virginity until marriage.


Nigerian woman says

A Nigerian lady, identified as Ijeaku Rachael, has revealed that she cannot marry a non-virgin man.

She stated this in response to a Facebook user who advised ladies to keep their virginity till marriage.

According to Klem Laz, women should endeavor to remain undefiled because it would be embarrassing for them to admit to their suitors that they are not a virgin.

“As a lady, how will u feel if a man that wants to marry you ask if you are a virgin and you aren’t? Keep your virginity till marriage,” Mr Laz wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

Nigerian woman says

In reaction to his post, Rachel said it also applies to men because she can’t marry a man who has slept with other women.

She said women love virgin men too and men should also keep themselves until marriage.

She also recalled how one of her suitors felt offended because she asked about his virginity status.

“That is what am passing true my brother. I ask one man that came to marry me, if his a virgin he got angry. I told him nna I can’t marry a second class amu. Keep your virginity. We ladies love virgin men. Please am looking for one ooo,” she commented.

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