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“I have logged out of anything that would lead to a wedding,” Alex Ekubo says following his messy divorce from ex-fiancee, Fancy.


Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo, is still dealing with the aftermath of his messy break-up from his American ex-fiance Fancy Acholonu that he has logged out of wedding.

The actor, who seems to be enjoying the single life has declared that he doesn’t hope to settle down soon.

Taking to his Instagram story, Alex Ekubo while responding to a female fan, who has crush on him, stated that he doesn’t desire to tie the knot soon.

The female fan had shared a photo of the handsome actor as she revealed preparations for their wedding was underworks. The only things stopping them is the scarcity of new naira notes.

“Am planning our wedding babes, make all this scarcity of money go fess so that I will marry you properly”.

Replying, Alex Ekubo stated that he is disinterested in anything wedding.

“Me wey don log out from anything wey go lead to wedding”.

Fancy Acholonu calls off wedding to Alex Ekubo

Recall that Alex Ekubo was once engaged to American model, Fancy Acholonu after over 5 years of dating but their engagement didn’t last long as it ended abruptly, weeks before their wedding.

Fancy who called off the engagement took to her official Instagram page to plead for privacy.

According to Fancy, she broke up with him because they both needed to find happiness and live in their truth.

Her choice of words, “Live in their truth”, was misquoted by many and rumours started making rounds that Alex Ekubo was gay.

In a surprise twist, almost a year after their breakup, Fancy had tendered an apology to him and had pleaded with him to take her back.

Unfortunately, this was the start of a week of social media drama after Alex Ekubo ‘s failed to romantically acknowledge her post.

Fancy revealed that Alex had outsmarted her and had forced her to publicly apologise to him and to retract some of her statements. Insiders revealed that the apology was just something Alex demanded just to repair his image which she dented through her statement about their break-up. The insiders also claimed that Alex had approved of the post before she made it public.

Alex Ekubo logs out from wedding

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