‘I will never date another jealous lover again.’ Chi Chi Neblett’s


Curvy and beautiful Liberian actress, Chi Chi Neblett has clearly stated that she can’t handle a jealous lover, after her ugly experience with an ex-lover.

The single mother of one in a recent interview further listed her deal breaker in relationships.

“One thing my past relationship has taught me, is never to stay with a violent man, no way! No matter the amount of money he offers me, I’d run. Likewise a jealous lover. My ex lover was such a jealous one. His own was out of this world, never seen such before.  Abeg I don’t want such in my life again. I tried to accommodate his jealousy and insecurities but couldn’t help it anymore, so I had to find my way out. Now, I want someone that is loving, caring, responsible and handsome in the account and can meet all my needs (Laughs). I hate men that brag about almost everything and anything; you don’t need to tell me you had done this and that. If you truly have achieved a lot, I should be able to see it. I don’t need you to be disturbing my ears with your stories.”

Neblett who is also into beauty accessories says she sees nothing wrong in going under the knife to alter or amend any part of your body that you are not comfortable with.

“I don’t see anything wrong with liposuction. If you are not comfortable with any part of your body, and you have the money to change it and be comfortable, why not? I am 100% in support of beauty surgery,” she noted.

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