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“I’m having a baby this year,” Mercy Eke of BBNaija says as she approaches her 30th birthday.


Big Brother Naija pepper dem winner, Mercy Eke is already counting down to her 30th birthday in September.

The reality star, who has been taking lots of heat this week after being exposed for falsifying her age, is clearly unbothered with the trollings.

Taking to her Instagram story, Mercy Eke insisted that she is turning 30 not 32 this year.

In preparation for her big day, Mercy Eke revealed that she wants to have a child this year.

“1993 babies. We turning 30 this year.

3rd level about to bang. I can’t wait, what to do? I’m definitely having a baby”.

Mercy Eke finally addresses her age controversy

Since this week, Mercy Eke has come under fire, after her real age was exposed after she posted her Voters Card.

The Reality Show Diva had on Saturday posted her Voters Card and informed her fans that she was ready for the 2023 Nigerian general elections.

Although she covered her date of birth and address, a follower of hers had to go the extra mile to dig up the details of the Card, exposing Mercy Eke’s real age as 32.

Mercy had a few months ago, celebrated her 29th birthday in grand style but in reality she’s 32.

“You covered your date of birth and left VIN that shows everything about you. Does this make sense to you?. Anyway, I’m here to inform your that I just found out that you are 32 years of age. Don’t come here 29th Sept and claim 25 years o. Have a nice day,” the follower wrote.

Mercy Eke addresses her age controversy

Taking to her Twitter page, Mercy Eke sarcastically addressed it. Unbothered with the draggings, Mercy Eke informed Nigerians to collect their PVC and vote.

She added that Nigeria will be great again.

“Collect your PVC. Nigeria be great again”.

In a Twitter exchange with a critic, Mercy Eke revealed her new age.

The ex girlfriend of Ike, claimed to be 52.

The critics tweeted, “But you’re close to 40 yrs old why you dey lie for us”.

Mercy Eke replied, “I’m actually 52”.

Mercy Eke shows off the luxury gifts for her 29th birthday

For her 29th birthday last year, Mercy Eke had received luxurious gifts.

Her fans, friends, lovers and colleagues went all out for her as they spoiled her with luxury items.

Mercy Eke took to Instagram to show off the mouthwatering gifts she received. From designer bags to designer shoes, flowers, gold wrist-watch, earrings/jewellery and more, Mercy Eke was treated like a princess.

The number of fashionable items she received was enough to open a boutique.

Sharing a video online, Mercy Eke noted how spoilt she was.

“Spoilt ASF”.

Her fans also surprised her with cakes, a bouquet, wines, a tray of foods, snacks, bundles of cash and lots more.

Mercy Eke reveals she is turning 30

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