Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo makes some doughnuts, gives it pretty make-over


Jason Derulo makes some doughnuts, gives it pretty make-over


Jason Derulo


In an Instagram video, American Musician, Jason Derulo is seen making delicious doughnuts.


He couples his songwriting skills and singing with his enticing food videos and doughnuts cake makeover videos. He is multi-talented and his fans love him for that.


Jason is amazing and does not base in music alone, as he can dance very well. He can keep you watching endlessly with his cooking skills on set.


The multi talented artist keeps us nailed with his kitchen sessions everytime, he recently made a sumptuous and delicious doughnuts and the culinary makeover he added to the doughnuts are very nice and can keep you salivating. He made a combination of desserts and doughnuts. The doughnuts form the base while the desserts fall on top.


He didn’t stop there in spicing up the food, the Jalebis singer adds white and wafers chocolate bars on top of the desserts. Coats the surface with French vanilla cake mix while pouring tins of condensed milk to it. After adding butter to it, he places it on the oven. Adding to the baked cake with chocolate syrup, he cuts a piece out of it.


Jason Derulo placed how his song, Jelebi Baby is rated and what it means to his fans all over the world.


Back to the cooking recipe, Jason displays an Indian meat and teaches his quirky style recipe. In his kitchen, the Jalebis was made by him from the scratch.


Filling up with cream biscuits, chocolate, marshmallows, strawberries, molten chocolate and cookies, Jason makes 2 hollow chocolaty hemispheres. He knows how best to whip up a yummy chocolate pinata as fast as possible.


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Putting the two hemispheres together, he spices it up with whipping cream. As a surprise, he smashes the chocolate shell with a hammer.


Derulo’s food videos are always hilarious and full of much experiments and interesting to watch. He finds fun in making foods and he love it, his fans love it too.


In one of his cooking videos, he slips on a banana peel when walking across his kitchen, I think it’s a prank, haha.


Using his hand, he strikes the packet of biscuits on the table, and he eats the biscuit with a glass of milk in a slow motion. That was a yummy accidental cheat day I guess. Thanks to Jason for making great songs and entertaining us with his cooking skills.

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