Lady explains why women fear style (Video)


Lady explains why women fear style (Video)



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A Beautiful Ghanaian lady has gone into detail why some ladies aren’t comfortable with the Bedroom style called Doggy.


A post was made asking women to explain why they seems not to be comfortable with the popular Bedroom style and many pour out their opinions.


The most common answers given is that the style moves their wombs from it’s original position which is very dangerous hence the reason they fear it.


Checkout their reasons below


I can’t sacrifice my womb for a man


Doggie hurt for the short length wombs but best with rough ride for long shift into deep puffy holes.That’s why I love chubbies


Sometimes turning to see the face of the dog at our back scares us a lot


It hits the womb


Because we don’t want to d!e early


I can’t kill myself for someone who’ll still cheat biko. Let my womb stay at it’s original position!


Because it do shift the womb when hit harder

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