Mofe Duncan urges online in-laws to stay off Alex and Fancy's issues

Leave them alone! – Mofe Duncan urges online in-laws to stay away from Alex and Fancy’s problems.


Nollywood actor, Mofe Duncan has weighed into the relationship drama between his colleague, Alex Ekubo and his and his estranged fiancee, Fancy Acholonu.

The couple has left online in-laws in disagreement following their failed engagement and a series of bombshell secrets made known to the public.

In the latest development, Alex Ekubo’s sister, Ifeoma voiced out in his defence, following speculations that her brother is gay and slammed Fancy for fueling such reports with her “Live in your truth” statement and that they never had sex during their five years relationship.

Mofe Duncan reacts

Reacting to a series of opinions flying up and down on social media, Mofe Duncan urged the association of online in-laws to let the estranged couple be.

Sharing a comic picture of Batman dishing out a slap to another comic character, Mofe noted that a break-up is bad enough for the two involved in the issue, and asked that they be left alone because the analysis and constant gaslighting won’t solve their relationship issues.

He wrote: I know vampires would come for me but I really don’t care. Leave these guys alone… a break up is bad enough, psychoanalyzing and gaslighting either of them isn’t gonna help. Alex this! Alex that! Fancy this! Fancy that! Leave them alone! Alex is this! Fancy is that! Okay… and then what? How does that address the N77 TRILLION debt Nigeria is in?

6 secrets about Alex Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu’s broken relationship

Days back, Kemi Filani analysed six secrets about the sour relationship between Alex Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu.

Alex Ekubo doesn’t own a house?

It appears the news of Alex Ekubo acquiring a multi-million naira mansion last year was a faux, a bag of lies, as from the leaked chat, Fancy was focused on getting a “home for them after the ceremony as they’ve got no where to live together as man and wife.”

Alex Ekubo paid through his nose for his Cotonou honorary Doctoate degree

Yes, You can get an honorary doctorate degree in exchange for a donation or earn it for some sort of contribution to a field, however, in the case of Alex, he allegedly paid huge amount of money for it. In their chat, Fancy reveled that despite the fact that they had need for money, Alex went ahead to pay  the Institut Supérieur de Communication et de Geston (ISCG UNIVERSITY) in Cotonou, Benin a huge amount of money for the degree.

They dated for five (5) years and never had s*x

The chat revealed that despite Alex Ekubo pretending to be celibate with Fancy, he had affairs with other people. The couple never experienced physical intimacy during their five-year relationship.

Fancy allegedly endured verbal, mental and financial abuse from Alex

Their relationship appeared to be a façade in the chat because Alex Ekubo is accused of abusing Fancy verbally, mentally, and financially.

Alex Ekubo wanted a lavish wedding he wasn’t financially capable of

From the chat, Alex Ekubo allegedly wanted a lavish wedding while fancy wanted a small intimate wedding. Despite wanting to break the internet with a loud wedding, Alex expected Fancy and her family to provide the bulk of the money for the wedding.

Fancy Loved Alex Ekubo despite “who he is”

In the chat, Fancy reveals she accepted Alex for who he is. A statement many social media users have narrated to be him swinging the other way.

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