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Metro Boomin Mom murde*ed by her husband and the dad committed su*cide near ATL

Metro Boomin and mom

Metro Boomin Mom murdered by her husband and the dad committed suicide near ATL


Metro Boomin and mom


Metro Boomin faces throes of a horrific family tragedy, his mom was killed by his father and took his own life afterwards.


Boomin is a producer who has worked with several artistes like Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, Migos, Kanye West, Future, Drake, Young Thug, Travis Scott and others.


He got to know about the incident after the cops discovered his mother’s body outside of the Atlanta area.


Metro Boomin's mom


Sources joint to the investigation have it that Metro Boomin’s mom Leslie Joanne Wayne, seem to have been murdered by her spouse and not Metro’s father, but he killed himself. This incident occurred on the Friday night.


The official death cause will be determined through an autopsy. In confirmation, Metro’s rep affirms Leslie died this weekend, he and his family request privacy during this difficult time.


Metro Boomin was raised with his siblings in St. Louis. Word is, the mom was the first person to notice her son’s musical talents. She encouraged her son not relent and keep pushing his music career. At a point she have to drive Booming from STL to Atlanta for him to have a collaboration with artists he was connecting with.


Joanne and Boomin were both close, he always bear his mom at the forefront of his mind even when he achieved international stardom.

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