Moesha Buduong Performs Another “Crazy” Show in Front of Curious Fans [Video]



Amidst a series of unending controversial stories of the born-again Christian woman, there are videos of her almost backsliding into her old ways.

She has defended her actions on several accounts with a sleek quote, reminding her detractors that God loves everyone. However, they are.

Unfortunately, her videos rarely put her in a good light following the toxicity that always accompanies news surrounding her.

In this latest video, the socialite was spotted dancing as though she was possessed by something beyond her control.

She was dancing to a secular song, which further casts doubt on the genuineness of her claims about being born-again.

As she danced, curious spectators gathered with their phones to catch a glimpse of the eyebrow-raising moves she pulled with her curvaceous body.

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