New York, big lady flaunts her beauty online; she glows (Video)


New York, big lady flaunts her beauty online; she glows (Video)



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A pretty black lady from Atlanta, United States, is currently dripping on wavy vibes. She has stepped up a lot to a classy level, living tushy lifestyle. Her busy schedule keeps her at work frequently, but she always squeezes out time to drip and look good also, keeps her fans entertained.


She is a lover of big energy and positive vibes. Her body language is always positive and reacts to money easily. She is a lover of happiness and likes happy people around her always. She is also a social media influencer and an entertainer. She is into beauty, vibes, and fashion as well.


In the video, the lady can be seen dripping on pink clothes. She flaunts them as a form of advertisement. While on this video, she ceased the opportunity to advertise the cream she applied in her skin, which made her glow daily and stay younger, too.


The lady on her own is a big vibe who is cruising in Atlanta. She is a lady with big things and assets. Her motive is to drip all day no matter her size.

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