Home Gossip People sell their toes for $20,000 in Zimbabwe (photos)

People sell their toes for $20,000 in Zimbabwe (photos)


People sell their toes for $20,000 in Zimbabwe (photos)



It is reported that in Zimbabwe people have started selling their toes for thousand of dollars. This is due to high cost of living and failure for the government to create jobs. The toes is being bought at $40,000 dollar while the small ones at $20,000 dollars.


It is alleged that these toes are being bought by a south Africa Samgoma . The unemployed youth are selling their toes for money. This is due to the high rate of unemployment and the Zimbabweans government is not doing anything about it.


These people are getting desperate who know what’s going to happen next what will the be selling next. Because the have been spikes of ritualistic kill due to unemployment scary to even think about what will happen next if the Zimbabweans government does not provide the employment for it’s people.


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