Police Talks! – UK cr!me gangs pack millions through supported housing


Police Talks! – UK cr!me gangs pack millions through supported housing



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Charities warn criminals cashing in on unregulated accommodation for vulnerable people exempt from housing benefit caps


Organised crime groups are taking millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money through unregulated supported accommodation for vulnerable people, police have revealed.


Criminals have been cashing in on the recent boom in “exempt accommodation”, designed to support vulnerable people such as prison leavers, recovering addicts and those fleeing domestic violence.


housing allowance (LHA) caps and is supposed to provide a “more than minimal” level of support for tenants.

Birmingham has become a national hotspot, with the number of claimants in the city rising from 3,679 in 2014 to nearly 22,000 earlier this year.


The city council estimates at least half of those claimants have travelled to Birmingham from other local authorities specifically to stay in exempt accommodation.


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