Home Gossip Pretty lady disciplined for cheating 2 months before her wedding (video)

Pretty lady disciplined for cheating 2 months before her wedding (video)


Pretty lady disciplined for cheating 2 months before her wedding (video)



After being caught cheating, a slay queen who was scheduled to marry in two months was flogged.


Success Oyoviwkose, a Nigerian woman, has been publicly humiliated after being caught cheating on her husband.


Oyoviwkose, who was just engaged to Elliot Iwia, was rumored to have been sleeping with a small boy and even giving him money.


She had even purchased a lovely personalized wedding gown for her upcoming wedding in two months, but she couldn’t stop cheating on her husband.


The long and short of it is that Oyoviwkose was found cheating on her guy Elliot with the brother of the woman he dumped in order to date her.


Before Oyoviwkose snatched Elliot from her, the woman and Elliot had been dating for a long time.



But fortune shined on the woman when she discovered Oyoviwkose having an affair with Elliot’s younger brother. After being disgraced, Oyoviwkose was given the beating of her life.


Sapele Oghenek, a journalist, published the video on Facebook, writing:




Dem say if you norva ready to settle down, nor put son of man for stress. If fuck still dey your eyes, abeg nor involve anybody for introduction or engagement if you norva wan settle down from street doking.


This story don dey go on for Oghara since and na about Success Oyoviwkose wey Elliot Iwia don do engagement and introduction for her head. Mainwhile, before now, Eliot dey date one girl, but both of dem come to compromise and part ways, since Eliot say na Success nai he wan marry. He do open engagement for her and also don spend alot for her and give her cash to purchase a very beautiful Customized wedding gown because the marriage na in 2 Months time.


Just as the parol dey go on, Success con dey pass back dey gbete one small boy wey she senior with about 6 years, not knowing say na Eliot Ex Girlfriend far younger Brother nai the Succees dey go fuck. People say na setup why she nor get am for mind say if na setup when the younger brother dey ask her out why she nor disagree to the toasting? Weytin carry her go the boy house dey go fuck? Na since 3 months now nai she dey doke the small boy and she still dey date this Eliot wey do introduction and engagement on her, until the ozone layer of her evil con tear for all to see.


Na lavish engagement nai the Eliot do for Success for Asaba and Eliot friends dey on ground to witness everything, not knowing say the “odue-odue-Success” eyes nor done as she get eyes for small small boys prick wey she wan use take do soveneir for her marriage. She senior the boy with 6 years. And the small boy na very broke boy she even dey send the guy money give the boy.


Since when the guy engage her she dey with the guy for house all dis while because na Asaba the guy dey stay. She con come house for Oghara on Sunday, nai she go meet the ex-girlfriend younger brother on Monday night. From the look of things, she dey double date and she fall enta trap of “FUCKNATED FUCKTITUDE” to miss her luck in a shameful way.


Na for Oghara everything take happen for back of Tipper Garage. Attached to this update na video of her confession as well.


Weytin be una reaction to this development?


Watch Video:



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