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Prophet Daniel Abodunrin who wanted to replicate the Bible story of Daniel in “the Lion’s Den” got eaten by lion


Prophet Daniel Abodunrin who wanted to replicate the Bible story of Daniel in “the Lion’s Den” got eaten by lion



Prophet Daniel Abodunrin was a popular Nigerian pastor that died while trying to replicate the Bible story of Daniel. Before the year 1991, Prophet Daniel Abodunrin had already performed so many miracles, however, in 1991, he decided to replicate the Bible story of Daniel who was thrown inside the lion’s den but survived because of the powers that were bestowed on him by God.


Prophet Daniel Abodunrin decided to perform his daring miracle at the zoological garden at the University of Ibadan. On that faithful day, people from within and outside Nigeria were at the zoo to see the array of animals at the zoo, however, Prophet Daniel Abodunrin was at the zoo to put to test the word of God. On that faithful day, Prophet Daniel Abodunrin came to the zoo dressed in red clothes.


Prophet Daniel Abodunrin reportedly sneaked into a cage that was filled with lions as he hoped to showcase to people that the God Daniel served in the olden days still exists. Prophet Daniel Abodunrin entered the lion’s den with the Holy Bible under his armpit. People who were at the zoo tried to persuade him to come back but he refused to heed their advice.


As Prophet Daniel Abodunrin entered the cage, he was praying and speaking in tongues. He was also reciting some Bible passages. He called on the God of Daniel to repeat what he did in the Bible. According to reports, on sighting Prophet Daniel Abodunrin, the lions retreated backward.


Prophet Daniel Abodunrin kept on closing in on the lions and all of a sudden, the lions attacked him. According to some eyewitnesses, Prophet Daniel Abodunrin’s Bible fell on the ground immediately after the lions attacked him.


Prophet Daniel Abodunrin died as the lions attacked him until there was no life left in him. After the incident, many Nigerians condemned Prophet Daniel Abodunrin for what they described as reckless action.


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