Regina Daniels Finally Explains “Why I Married An Old Man Over A Young Man” (Video)


Many people were perplexed by actress Regina Daniels’ decision to marry nearly-60-year-old Nigerian businessman Ned Nwoko at the age of 19.Many believed and hoped that Somadina Adinma, her young sweetheart, and her would get married after dating for several years.Regina Daniels, however, had another idea. He desired a well-established man who could take care of her needs and make sure she was well-looked.

the reason she chose to end her
relationship with Somadina Adinma.
Regina Daniels recently shared an
explanation on social media about her
choice to wed an elderly, wealthy
man.Regina Daniels wanted a young man
because he would be more vibrant and
have fresh blood, but she also wanted
someone who would show her his love in
deeds rather than just words
She claimed that any man who made a
declaration of love to her without having
anything to back it up would be dismissed.
When Ned Nwoko entered, Somadina was
presumably shown the door.
When you confess your feelings for me
with nothing to offer, abeg getat” – That
was Regina Daniels’s explanation for her
decision to marry Ned Nwoko after all. A young man like Somadina was not in a position to provide her more than words because she desired them. He was unable to compete with Ned Nwowko’s financial might for her love.

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