Scary places

Scary places in the world which are still in existence (Video) 


Scary places in the world which are still in existence (Video) 


Scary places


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Researchers have found out most scary places in the world which are believed to be evil to stay. These places are situated in some countries of the world and have started existing long time ago.

The first in the list is:

* The Akodesswa Fetish Market in Togo:

This place is believed to be the world’s largest juju Market. People who are lily livered cannot visit this place because they would get very scared.

This place is located in the capital city Lome and it is filled with skulls of human beings, animal heads and butched animals. Benin Republics are known to be strong in juju and they’re people that run the market which is among the scary places. Fetish people can get everything the need to practice their fetishism from this market.

* The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania:

Since 1831 crosses have been appearing in a hill in a town in Northern Lithuania. This led the hill to be named “The Hill of Crosses” because over 100,000 crosses, crucifix and rosaries have been appearing on this hill.

Between the year 1990 to 1994, the Country Soviet Union made efforts to remove all the crosses but couldn’t remove all of them.

This hill containing scary places is used as a pilgrim; most people from parts of the world come to visit the hill. They can make their wishes before the holy Cross and it might be granted.

* Mansfield Reformatory, Ohio

Lots of people sentenced to jail in the Mansfield Reformatory prison killed themselves, so people believe there are spirits in the prison. The prison has been closed since 1990 and can only be opened for tourists.

This prison can be visited on days which are safeguarded between Thursdays and Sundays. If you want more adventure, you can look up for a public ghost hunter escaped from blood prison where spirit house meet escape run.

* Sedlec Ossuary, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

There’s a church in Czech Republic named “Church of bones”, spirits are plenty in the church. Scary places include this church.

Over 50,000 bones and human skeletons can be found in this church. This place used to be a popular burial ground. The bones are well arranged in candle holders, chandeliers and other pieces. The church was designed over 1870 by one local man who was hired, he joined these bones into arts.

* The Island of The Dolls, Mexico

These Island is filled with dolls which can move their hands and talk among themselves. Hundreds of dolls are hanged on top of the trees in this island. If one wants to mention scary places here would surely be included.

Story has it that these dolls are possessed by a girl’s spirit who sank inside the river in the island. The islands former caretaker saw the girl’s spirit singing inside the river and called the spirit, that was how he started to hang dolls on trees in the island.

An artist visited the island after the girl who has the dolls died. The artist began to hear footsteps and voices of a crying woman in the night.

To stop the voices, the artist had to hang the dolls on the trees before it stopped.

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