Sophia Momodu Speaks Out Following Ifeanyi’s Death & Charges


Sophia Momodu, the first baby mama to popular singer , Davido has returned to the internet two weeks after the death of Ifeanyi.

Sophia Momodu Finally Breaks Silence After Ifeanyi's Death & Accusations 

On her latest Instagram story ,she shared a post affirming she’s a child of God who believes in Peace and Joy.


The post reads:

Peace belongs to me”.

“Joy belongs to me”.

“Freedom is my inheritance because i am a child of God”.

Sophia Momodu Finally Breaks Silence After Ifeanyi's Death & Accusations 

In other news, Popular writer and life coach, Solomon Buchi has reacted following investigate journalist, kemi Olunloyo tweet about Davido and Chioma son , Ifeanyi.


It could be recalled that Kemi Olunloyo took to her Twitter page and said that Davido and Chioma faked their son death, stating that if both of them were found guilty of it they should be arrested and prosecuted by the police.



In her tweet she wrote;

A prominent lawyer called me this afternoon to tell me that Davido’s son , Ifeayin is alive”.

“The clout hastag has been trending for over a week”.

“If it turns out this is true, Davido and Chioma should be promptly arrested for faking their child’s death and lying to the police”.



Solomon Buchi has reacted to this. In his latest tweet, he said kemi does not have conscience and he also questioned her rejoicing over the death of Ifeanyi.


He stated that even if she was not in good terms with Davido rejoicing over the death of his son was a bad and wicked act.



In his words:

“Dear Kemi Olunloyo, i have seen the flurry of insensitive tweets from you about Davido’s son death”.

“Have some empathy kemi “.

“Let that 3 year old boy rest”.

“Your unfeelingness is shocking and you have invented a brand of journalism, bitter leaf journalism”.

“You started a hashtag saying that Davido is cursed and how he should bury Ifeayin by the water side to appeal to the goddess of water”.

“You may have personal vendetta with Davido but that seeming grateful about his 3 year old boy demise is the height of moral callosity”.

“For God’s sake stop hiding under journalism to demonstrate witchcraft”.

“You made a whole post stating that you were happy Ada Ameh died”.

“You even mocked how she slumped and died”.

“Where is your conscience?”.

“Are you okay?”.

“It is an established knowledge that you are not okay”.

“But is there not somebody that can seize your phone for some weeks?”.

“Are you seeing a therapist?”.

“Your words are often placed with venom”.

“Why and how do you rejoice over somebody else death?”.

“God help your heart and i pray you find the mental facility to help you”.

“Sadly , Nigerians are swayed by eloquence for wicked purposes”.

“Take your medications”.

“Heal and find Jesus”.


Solomon Buchi tweet






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