Reality TV star, TBoss issues strong advice to Nigerian mothers

TBoss, a reality TV star, gives strong advice to Nigerian mothers.


Reality TV star TBoss has issued a piece of strong advice to mothers regarding their choice of outfits when going on outings with their kids.

The beautiful mother of one on her Instagram stories noted that a mother must have nice underwear on before leaving the house with kids for an outdoor function. According to her, kids are capable of making mothers engage in all sorts of unimaginable things which can eventually be embarrassing.

She wrote: “As a mother with a toddler, one thing you absolutely must do, if you like don’t comb your hair, have no make up on, don’t brush your teeth, forget your wig, thats fine. But under NO circumstance should you leave your house without nice underwear on.

“Trust me I know what I’m talking about. These kids would make you run, skip and raise your shirt or dress. If you like go out with tear year pant or no panties at all, Na you sabi. We might see ya yansh on social media and me Sef go follow laugh you cos I don tell you.

TBoss slams mothers who take their kids to school looking tattered

Kemi Filani recalls that TBoss in an Instagram post revealed how she felt the first day she took her daughter to school and saw how unkempt some mothers who also brought their kids to same school looked.

According to her, she wondered why mothers wouldn’t find spare them to tidy up themselves before leaving home for school runs.

She wrote, “Confession Time: The 1st week I enrolled my child in school I saw a couple of moms come drop off their kids and they were looking seriously disheveled. In my mind I was like- couldn’t you put some effort woman. I mean I make sure to wake up early enough to make Starr’s breakfast, lunch, snack, shower and fix her hair, shower myself, dress up and make sure I smell good then drive her to school.”

TBoss further explained that within a few weeks, she found herself in the same position as other mothers that she was criticizing.

The Reality Show star noted that she wants her story to make people stop judging others because no one knows what the next person is going through.

Tboss celebrates daughter’s 3rd birthday

Kemi Filani recalls that TBoss celebrated her daughter, Star as she clocked three-year-old on 10th August.

The proud mother described her child as her best friend and everything as she penned down an emotional message to her.

Tboss wrote: My Best Friend, My Everything in a Person, My Reason to smile, cry tears of joy, My Overall reason to fret, This is what my Answered Prayer looks like🙏🏽I’m so Grateful to God for Blessing me with you. I’m so Proud of You, of Me & of Us. I’ve got you for Life & Beyond. I would Always Bless you my Mammie.
Happy 3rd Birthday My Big Beautiful Girl. I love you my Daughter, my Starr- May you continue to Shine Bright💖💖💖⭐️⭐️⭐️👩🏽‍❤️‍👩🏼😘😘😘.

Many thanks to @mascoteda for all the last-minute plans and stress I put you through. Thank you for loving me & extending your love to Mines🙏🏽
God bless you mama😘

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