“The Reason I Don’t Want To Rush Into Marriage,” Erica Nlewedim Explains


Reality TV star, Erica Nlewedim has revealed she’s not in a hurry to get married. The former Big Brother housemate, disclosed this while joking about her age.


Erica Nlewedim tweeted

I’m turning 27 this year it’s not you that’ll tell me my own age😂


One of her followers commented:

Try deh think of husband naa 😩🥺🥺❤️

Erica replied:

Why rush? I have the rest of my life to be married. It’s favorable to the men cos they don’t really have to change much about their lives but a lot about the woman changes.

"Reason Why I Do Not Want To Rush Into Marriage"- Erica Nlewedim Reveals

Some comments on her tweet reads:




MAMA 🤲🤲 Take your Time @EricaNlewedim
Cos Marriage is for life….. Not alot have to be changed when you eventually marry

Cos you are a MAN in feminine appearance 💪

Cos one day you child will see how great you have become PRIDE OF A CHILD



This. I was actually thinking about this today when I was watching Buying Beverly Hills. Like why is a lady of 32 is questioned about getting married and stuff but a man of 36 isn’t?



It’s for life..there’s no rush! It’s such an altering experience that should come when we’re ready for it..you said it perfectly ❤️



True but if you want kids, this age is the best. The change in your life will happen either way so its best to get the hard years out of the way so you can use the rest of your life to build your career.



Why would u change? A man likes u from the life he sees so why wud u change or u think men dont change to accomodate the women. Thats wronf dear live ur life n be real

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