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The wait film is the story of my marriage, and it breaks me every time I watch it – Deyemi Okanlawon reveals.


Popular actor, Deyemi Okanlawon has revealed that the highly talked about Nigerian movie that was recently released on Netflix, titled the wait, is a story of himself and his wife.

According to the actor, whenever he sees the movie, his emotions get stirred and he gets broken.

“While reading the script and when on the set of THE WAIT I experienced the most powerful emotions I’ve ever felt as an actor and those emotions have been stirred every single time I have seen the film.

The Wait is special to me because this was my wife and I’s story… and though it brings back painful memories it always reminds me of God’s grace and love and is a must-watch for anyone who is in their waiting season! Now streaming on Netflix.” Deyemi Okanlawon annouced on Instagram.

Kemi Filani recalls that this is coming after he recently penned an emotional note to his wife, Damilola in celebration of their 10th wedding anniversary.Taking to Instagram, Deyemi appreciated his wife for loving him despite his flaws. The actor also apologized to her for making her cry and hurting her.

He stated that if he had to choose who to spend his life with again, he would still choose his wife.

Deyemi Okanlawon marks 10th wedding anniversary with wife

“Dear Damilover,

Our journey has definitely been no fairy tale but it has been unique to us and so I thank you for 10 years of memories…some funny, some good, some beautiful, some not so beautiful, some sad, some bad.

I am nowhere near perfect, never pretended to be, and perhaps never likely to be yet you have loved me flaws and all! I’m thankful that I sometimes made you smile (contrary to your opinion I know say I funny die) and I apologize for every time I hurt you and made you cry (that is especially horrid cos I know how strong you are).

If I had to choose again I’ll still choose to spend my life with you and I hope to God that you’ll manage me and continue to do the same! All I know is that I love you and I’m committed to you and our family..every other thing we go dey work am….” Deyemi Okanlawon wrote.

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