Home Gossip These 3 strong signs will get you convinced you’re failing in love 

These 3 strong signs will get you convinced you’re failing in love 


These 3 strong signs will get you convinced you’re failing in love 



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Today, we preview 3 strong signs that you are falling in love.


The most strangest and wonderful thing humans can ever experience is love.


Though it happens weirdly with some people, others find it difficult to admit it especially when they are falling for people they least expected to fall for.


Most commonly, you will start thinking about the person all day and you might think it’s love. Tell you what, it is not always about love, yes, I repeat, it’s not. It sometimes might be infatuation and it will disappear from your heart in less than a month.


Whatever it may be, the following are the major 3 strong signs that should prompt you that you are falling in love.


1. You can’t stop staring at them


As stated above, it might be infatuation when you lose yourself in the eyes of the person you dream to have in your arms.


However, Marc Hekster who’s a consultant psychologist has explained that it can something be a sign of true love.


He explained saying; “Why wouldn’t you want to look into the eyes of someone who you experience as the most beautiful and attractive person in your world?”


The thing is, when you look at someone you love, you don’t just see what they look like. You might see your entire future together, or at least imagine what it could be.


“You are looking for something,” says Hekster. “If you have ever seen a mother looking at their newborn baby, or looking at their child lovingly, then you will recognize some of this constant staring at your love object.”


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2. You abandon your usual activities


Please bear in mind that when you start abandoning your usual activities to make time for someone you admire, it’s a clear sign that you are falling in love.


You may start thinking of ways to be near them, too, which can include taking up their interests in the hope it could help strengthen the fledgling bond between you.


3. You don’t mind when they do something unattractive


“The power of love and new love, in particular, is primitive,” says Hekster.


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This means that when someone you’re falling in love with does something you might perceive as unattractive, whether it’s being untidy or leaving the toilet seat up, you won’t mind. You might not even notice it.


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“Love can be immensely powerful and can be associated with the loss of all inhibition,” adds Hekster. “Think about parents who are in love with their baby and how they will acknowledge that they love their child no matter how dirty they are, or how much they stop them from sleeping.”








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