This chubby lady tries out the hip dance; she’s so plumpy (Video)


This chubby lady tries out the hip dance; she’s so plumpy (Video)



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A very attractive chubby lady has decided to bless us with her hip dance video. She is a true queen who is found to be gorgeous and lovable. She has decided to be flexible and to come out fully testing her potential. Her decision is to start with the hip dance. She records herself as she does the hip dance. The pretty lady is found to be good in it.


Her pattern of wiggling is unique. She’s so thick with two piercings at the back of her hips. She displays them as she dances. The video is worth watching because the lady is a nice sight to behold. Her b 00 ty is one in a million.


In the video, the lady is seen without wearing a bra or pantless. She ties a small piece of cloth around her bu tts to cover part of it. The lady backs the camera as she delivers the award winning hip dance. Her face or side view wasn’t shown because she covered it with her wig. The lady whines differently. She’s indeed a diva.


Her video has generated millions of views and lots of comments. She is currently leading in the dance game. The bi t ch has been gaining lots of attention lately.


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