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Watch Wizkid And Rema Render An Excellent Performance at Oh My! Music Fest

Wizkid and Rema

Watch Wizkid And Rema Render An Excellent Performance at Oh My! Music Fest


Wizkid and Rema


Nigerian singers Rema and Wizkid were among the headliners at this year’s Oh My! Music festival in the Netherlands Mavin act Rema and Wizkid shared the stage as they gave some thrilling and energetic performances.


The video from the event has left many fans of the two Nigerian singers gushing, with some saying music is the only industry working in Nigeria.


Nigerian music continues to gain ground internationally, and more and more singers continue to support each other. The Oh My! music festival went on over the weekend in Feyenoord Stadium in the Netherlands, with Nigerian singers Rema and Wizkid among those that lit up the concert.


Wizkid and Rema


A video from the event showed the moment Wizkid joined Rema on stage as they embraced each other and went on to perform the Star Boy’s hit song Soco.


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The two Nigerian singers gave some energetic vibes that saw the stage cameraman showing off some dance moves as he performed his job.


See the video below:



Fans gush as Wizkid and Rema perform at music fest in the Netherlands Many Nigerians have since taken to social media to react to the video as they commended Wizkid and Rema.


Some captured some of the reactions, see them below: e_smiler_: “Nigerian artist supporting each other is a very strong message to the world ❤️.”


alixangocutest: “Make the camera man sha no trowey camera.”


ozzee22: “The camera man couldn’t hold it too..I mean the white guy.” mon3ytrail: “The camera man self begin soco join work .”


dahunsijoel: “Camera sef no fit hold body! My favs.” abujabitcoin_lord01: “Our musicians are the only people making us proud ❤️.”

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