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What Amber Heard Career Status Looks Like After Trial Verdict With Johnny Depp

Amber Heard

What Amber Heard Career Status Looks Like After Trial Verdict With Johnny Depp


Amber Heard


Does Amber Heard still have a career?

In 2021, Amber Heard resumed her role as Mera in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, a director’s version of the 2017 film, in which she also filmed new scenes scripted by Snyder for the epilogue.


Her next appearance will be in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the sequel to Aquaman, which will be released in 2023.


Amber Heard was also cast in Conor Allyn’s upcoming historical drama In the Fire, which was revealed in February 2022.


Amber Heard


In November 2020, following Johnny Depp’s replacement in the Fantastic Beasts films, a Change petition to “Remove Amber Heard From Aquaman 2” had gathered 1.5 million signatures; by April 26, 2022, it had surpassed 2 million signatures, and by the time of the Depp v. Heard trial, it had gathered over 3.5 million signatures.


Amber Heard acknowledged her role in the film and called efforts to get her removed “bought whispers and sponsored social media campaigns.” Peter Safran, the film’s co-producer, has stated on the film’s casting, “We believed that if it’s James Wan and Jason Momoa, it should be Amber Heard.”


That’s exactly what happened.” Heard revealed in May 2022 that she “tried really hard to stay in the movie,” but that “they didn’t want to include [her] in the picture” and that her portion was only shot in a “very pared down form.”


Johnny Depp


What was the result of Depp V Heard?

The jury in the high-profile legal case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has found that Depp was unfairly defamed by Heard in an op-ed published in The Washington Post. They did, however, rule in favor of Heard on one count brought by her defense team.


On two counts, the jury found in Depp’s favor, awarding him compensation sums of $10 million and $5 million. Heard was given $2 million in compensation after his suit was upheld.


Jurors returned the decision after debating for almost 12 hours following the conclusion of the testimony and courtroom arguments last week. Regardless of the monetary damages awarded by the court, both parties’ fates are likely to be decided in the court of public opinion. Many onlookers’ opinions have hardened to the point where the jury’s judgment may not sway them.


After claiming that she defamed him by indicating that he had assaulted her during their two-year marriage, Depp’s legal team sued Heard for “no less than $50 million.”


Has the jury reached a verdict Depp vs Heard?

The jury found Johnny Depp guilty of three counts of slander against Amber Heard and awarded him $15 million on Wednesday. Depp, through his lawyer Adam Waldman, was also found to have defamed Heard on one of three counts in her countersuit, and she was given $2 million.


After three days of deliberation, the jury reached a unanimous conclusion, bringing an end to the seven-week trial that featured heartbreaking evidence about Depp and Heard’s rocky relationship and its aftermath.


Depp, 58, sued Heard, 36, for $50 million in 2018 after she wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post referring to herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse. After Waldman termed her charges a fraud, Heard countersued Depp for $100 million.


The trial took place in Virginia, where The Washington Post’s printing machines and servers are based.

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