“What you should do when you leave office” Portable approaches President Buhari and offers him advice (Video)


Popular singer, Portable has called out President Buhari over printing of fake currencies.

The singer, who has been left infuriated after being sprayed fake currencies at an event, blamed it on the president.

He stated that the president has scattered the country and has left many without peace of mind.

Advising the president who would be stepping down soon, Portable told him to kill himself after leaving office.

“Uncle Buhari na you cause this wahala. After leaving the office, go kill yourself and be buried. It’s better to die in your house.

You don scatter Nigerians, everyone’s mind is not at peace. Your mind will not be in peace too”.

This is coming after the dramatic singer cried outover fake currencies he was sprayed at an event on Saturday, February 18th in Shagamu, Ogun State.

The controversial singer took to his Instagram page to show off the fake wads of notes he was sprayed as he rained heavy curses on them.

He expressed displeasure at the poor treatment despite being called to perform for them.

“Print money, money making machine. Central Bank of Foundation loading.

You guys wouldn’t proposed. Your mind wouldn’t be at peace, both young and old.

You called me for your show and sprayed me fake note. Ogun kill ur generation “.

He captioned the videos with, “This town is cr@zy ooo use your last card buy kala… Central Bank of ZEH NATION loading…. Money making machine. Bizza Bizza IKA OF AFRICA. Wuwa IKA KO Travel… The town is tough, trouble trouble trouble “.

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