Squid game Netflix movies korean movie

When done watching Squid Game, You Need to watch these interesting Shows and movies also


When done watching Squid Game, You Need to watch these interesting Shows and movies also


Squid game Netflix movies korean movie


The Squid Game is a Netflix show that is taking over the internet. It is a latest show on Netflix, 456 players with different personalities were into children’s games in the show, they were in debt and had deadly repercussions for huge amount of money to be won.


It is an interesting Korean drama which you can afford to watch over and over again without getting bored.


In this article you are going to see some other lists of shows and movies that are interesting like the Squid Game and are streaming right now.



Sweet Home


The movie has lots of twists and interesting parts just like Squid Game.


This question, What if humans actually became monsters? is answered by This South Korean apocalyptic horror-drama.


A teen is found in a world of monsters that were humans in the past, the teen tries to avoid the monsters in order not to become a monster too.




Alice in Borderland 


This inspirational movie is in reference to Alice in Wonderland, it has one eight-episode season and the 2nd will be coming out soon.


This is a Japanese series on Netflix. In the series a gamer with his friends are seen in an alternate-reality Tokyo, having faced to them the need to compete in a series of sadistic games to survive.


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Brazilian dystopian thriller


This movie has two seasons.


The movie virtualises the future, most of the poor people will be living in the Inland and most elite group will be living in an offshore called paradise. Every 20-year-old in the Inland has the opportunity to live in the offshore if he passed series of tests but 3% of the candidates succeed.



Dead Set


This series is an exploitation of what people can do in a worst situation. This is imagined like being in the Big Brother and zombies intrude.


In the UK television series, while a cast and crew were filming, they were caught up in the studio, left with no food or water but depending on eachother for survival.



Reality Z


Just like this Brazilian horror-drama based on Dead Set, some reality-TV show contestants were left with no option than to crouch down low in a TV studio during a zombie apocalypse.


The movie follows similar themes and it’s a sinister like Squid Game.





This series explore relevant class in the world. A top student in the story was pictured running illegal business for money and was living a double life.


The top student introduced a wealthy female classmate to the business when she finds out the kind of Business he is into. The movie is not violent.





This series centers on a prince seeking to unveil the mystery behind a plaque which raises people from the dead in his country. The plaque cause chaos in the country. This is Korean first original series.


Kingdom has two seasons and premiered in 2019.



Battle Royale (2000)


In this movie, ninth-graders from a Japanese high school were forced to compete in a Battle Royale by legislation, they have to kill eachother and only one person must survive or all must die.


Battle Royale will soothe fans of Squid Game.

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