“Why I decided to stay in South Africa and not work in Nollywood” – BBA star, Tayo Faniran

“Why I chose to stay in South Africa rather than work in Nollywood” Tayo Faniran, a BBA star


“Why I decided to stay in South Africa and not work in Nollywood” – BBA star, Tayo Faniran

Big Brother Africa star, Tayo Faniran revealed that he turned down acting chances in Nollywood because he was earning more money overseas.

He claimed that after the reality TV show finished, he could have easily gotten a role in a Nigerian film, but he chose to stick with his more profitable modeling job in South Africa.

However, Tayo claimed that because he was not a resident of the nation, he was not given as much exposure as they do for their citizens.

He said;

“Nollywood was there for me after I won BBA. However, I was living in South Africa then and working as a model, so I was earning more money. The entertainment industry in South Africa was doing well, and Nollywood was not attractive to me at that time. Hence I didn’t pursue it then.
Unfortunately, the same South Africa I wanted badly did not project me the way they would have projected their citizen. Nigeria is my home. At a point, I felt I was not getting the things I needed to build my acting career.”

However, Tayo stated that he is currently interested in pursuing an acting profession in Nigeria and that he would give extra performances.

In his words;

“When my fame was at its peak, I had offers to act but I did not desire it at that time. But, with the way I am ‘hungry’ for it now, people should expect good performances whenever they see me in movies. All the roles I have got in Nollywood were by merit. Also, I am ready to learn.”

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