Woman who uses dead body to prepare local Abacha in Umuahia exposed by her daughter (Video)


Woman who uses dead body to prepare local Abacha in Umuahia exposed by her daughter (Video)



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Things are really happening in this world. Some human beings are really evil and devilish. Because of money and fame, people can do and undo.


Recently, a sick video has been popping around the internet. The video is about a local abacha (Tapioca) seller who has been exposed by her daughter of using water used to bathe dead bodies, which they get from the mortuary to prepare her abacha.


The young lady whom her identity is hidden has confessed this through a female comedian media. She talks about how her mum whom she’s sure is in a secret society, goes to the mortuary early in the morning daily to purchase water used in bathing dead bodies. The woman uses this water to prepare her abacha so she can get more customers.


According to the young lady, her mum would prepare three to four basins of abacha daily and would sell everything every day. She said that sometimes her mum sends her to go get the water from the mortuary and when she goes there, she will also see other people who are into food businesses who come to buy the water too so their businesses would keep booming.


The unidentified young lady said that her knowledge of this made her not to eat any road side food, even food from restaurants or eateries; she would rather take snacks or eat from home.


She had to confess this because her conscience had been picking her also, her mum swore she wouldn’t train her in the university because she has been threatening to expose her. Her mom went further to threaten to kill her and use the water used in bathing her dead body to prepare the abacha.


The female comedian (De Realoma comedy) affirms she eats the woman’s abacha, too. The young lady wanted to mention her mum’s name, but the comedian stopped her from doing so. She said she wouldn’t go back to her mum because she would obviously harm her.


Watch the video below:

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