You are a tribal bigot - Paul Okoye slams Brymo over his tribalistic tweet about Igbo

You are a tribal bigot, says Paul Okoye in response to Brymo’s tribalistic tweet about Igbo.


Paul Okoye, the second half of music duo, PSquare has slammed his colleague, Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ better known as Brymo over his tribalistic comment.

Brymo who has always made his stance known against voting for the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Gregory Obi because he is an Igbo man took to microblogging app, Twitter in the early hours of Sunday morning to slam the tribe.

He tweeted: F*ck The Ndi Igbo !! .. To H*ll With It!!

Paul Okoye responds to Brymo’s tribalistic tweet

Paul Okoye better known as Rude Boy who is a staunch supporter of Labour Party presidential candidate took to his Twitter page to reply to his colleague Brymo over his tweet.

The father of three noted that he is disappointed in Brymo and further cautioned him to be mindful of his preaching because the general election which is forty-eight days from now will pass and people will return to their normal lives

He wrote: Mind what you are preaching .. election will come and go, we all will move on …But you decided to be a tribal bigot because you think you are getting some attention by insulting a particular region of Nigeria and some people are praising you. as an artiste I’m only disappointed.

Peter Okoye reveals Nigerians sell their future at the rate of 7Naira per day

Kemi Filani reported that Peter Okoye of PSquare cautioned Nigerians to think twice and vote for the right candidates in the 2023 general elections.

The father of two who has been vocal about Nigerians getting it right in the forthcoming elections took to his Instagram stories to share a picture of American actor, Will Smith stretching his hands at a breakdown of how much Nigerians sell their votes per day to politicians.

According to Peter’s calculation, Nigerians sell their votes for 7 Naira per day and suffer hardship for more than eight years.

Peter’s calculation: “Assuming you sell your vote for ₦10000. Now, divide it by 365 days; that’s around ₦28, again, divide ₦28 by 4 years; that’s approximately ₦7. Now imagine selling your future at a rate of ₦7 per day!


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