Paul Okoye slams INEC over crooked transfer of election results

You squandered taxpayer funds.’ Paul Okoye blasts INEC for a shady transfer of election results.


Singer, Paul Okoye has slammed the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over the crooked manner in which election results were transmitted.

According to reports making rounds, the transfer of election results by INEC officials at different polling units across the country wasn’t transparent as results were allegedly altered to favour a particular political; party.

Taking to his Instagram stories, Paul slammed the electoral body for its incompetence. The father of three who has been vocal about the 2023 election alongside his twin brothers queried why INEC spent almost two billion dollars on Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) which was meant to help transfer results electronically but ended up useless.

He further noted that INEC has succeeded in disgracing the country in the international sphere and wasted taxpayers money.

“Why spend almost $2billion for election on BVAS… promised Nigerians and assuring them that result will be transmitted electronically. Only to end up transferring manually. @inecnigeria Y’all just internationally disgraced Nigerians. Big shame!!! You just wasted tax payers money for nothing!!!

Trendytalker’s reported that Okoye’s colleague Adekunle Gold also called out INEC and tagged it irresponsible commission following election discrepancies.

He tweeted: “Nah! INEC is the most irresponsible organization.”

Ruth Kadiri threatens to sue INEC

Kemi Filani reported that Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri threatened to sue INEC over the electoral process in Nigeria.

She also questioned NEC’s approach on the release of results in different polling units.

The mother of two expressed her belief that politicians cannot rig elections without the help of INEC officials. She said that the electoral body should provide election results based on polling units rather than on a state or national level. This would allow citizens to verify the results and ensure their votes count easily.

She wrote: “INEC has proven to be the most fraudulent; politicians cannot rig the election without INEC. And I wonder how we have missed the point all this while…I know the number of my polling unit same way with every other person. So if INEC is giving us results, they should give us results based on our polling unit, the worst that can happen is that they will tell us certain number of votes are ineligible. This rigging of election will not work, we will sue INEC”.

Soso Soberekan threatens to sue INEC

Trendytalker’s reported that music executive, Soso Soberekan threatened to sue the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over their incompetence.

Expressing disappointment at the commission, Soso Soberekon noted how officials of the commission arrived late to their polling units and were disorganized. As a result, he vowed to take them to court.

He wrote: “I am taking INEC to Court. A lot of Nigerians are not able to vote due to late arrivals and disorganized arrangements by @inecnigeria and it’s officials”.

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